A Gaggle of Geese

Why do the Canadian geese cross the road?  In Fort Collins, we are so used to seeing Canadian geese that they are barely a blip on our radar; that is, until they decide to cross the street!

The geese are not the size of “What does the duck say?  Quack, quack.”.  When they stretch their necks and hold their heads up high, they are about 3 feet tall.  They waddle with large, webbed feet that carry a body weighing 25-30 pounds.  Honking and hissing, they gather on the sidewalk until one or two decide to test the water by stepping into the bike lane.  Traffic slows awaiting their decision, until sooner or later (usually later), one by one, the geese slowly cross the street and traffic backs up while we wait.  What psychopath would run down an innocent goose?

i looked around at my fellow drivers, and I saw smiles and grins as we watched the spectacle.  For a brief time, we were distracted from our worries, and were witnesses to the slow and impressive geese crossing.  Finally all the geese arrived safely on the other side of the road.  What treasures would they find?

i wondered about what treasures awaited me on the other side of the street. In spite of the dangers, uncertainties,  and troubles I faced  each time I crossed to the other side; I knew it was the journey that held the treasures.

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