An Eclipse

I was excited to see the lunar eclipse and the big, red moon this past Sunday night.  At 7 o’clock, the big moon was low in the sky, and washed in red.   My friends and neighbors were looking with me, and “Wow” and “Awesome” were about the only words spoken. Later, I watched the lunar eclipse, and tried to grasp that it was the Earth that blocked the light of the sun, and caused the shadow that darkened the moon. My only role was to witness this incredible happening, and realize how little I knew about my home, planet Earth.

Roger likes to “read” question and answer books, and I love to read them to him. I say “Wow, I didn’t know that!” a lot and I imagine feeling the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, a blistering, 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Often the questions are simple like “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why are flamingos pink?”, but the answers are not simple. Try and explain how the pit gets inside the peach, and you will understand what I mean!  I am humbled by how little I know about everyday things. Every Fall the leaves on my neighborhood  trees change color and fall to the ground, and I don’t know why. What really bugs me is that I bet I knew why when I was 9 or 10 years old, but at 62 I don’t remember.

Questions and more questions!  I have lots of questions about my inner worlds, but even fewer answers. My spiritual and emotional worlds totally baffle me, but I have not been able to find a question and answer book for these  topics. Question: What is love?  Answer: Love is not an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral. Love is_____. Fill in the blank. Question: Why is this happening to me?  Answer: Why not?   Question: How many tears do I have to cry?           Answer: Humans can cry approximately a trillion billion tears.  Question:  What is a good death? Answer: Please rephrase the question.   This one I know!  Question: What is dementia?   Answer: An eclipse: a falling into obscurity or decline.

Do you know why the sky is blue, why flamingos are pink, or why leaves change color in the Fall. Google it!

One thought on “An Eclipse

  1. Yeah, a post from Danita. I too feel like I know so little about my everyday world and how things function…like this computer I’m using. Not to mention the unexplored (mostly) world of emotional ecology.


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