Hang on, it’s a bumpy ride.

Just the facts Jack…I am a 62 year old married female, mostly normal, not rich, not poor, a fast learner who has lost control on most of the learning curves I have been forced on during the last few years.  Early bicycles were not noted for their smooth rides and were called “bone shakers”. My bones have been shook and I have felt the “A” word a-r-t-h-r-i-t-i-s in a couple of joints. I am aging and I am In the “young-old category. What the hell does that mean?

“We think Roger (my husband) has Lewy Body Dememtia.” and Splat!  I am the bug on the windsheild of life. I don’t die and instead I am now a shapeless blob with brain and bones turned to mush. Without any mercy, Life demands that I become Roger’s caregiver. My husband who was a strong , vital man now needed my care, but I needed him more than ever. I needed to ask him what to do  and he was slowly disappearing into thin air. He is now in a skilled nursing facility.

I want to tell you our story from the beginning and while doing that I also want to share what I have learned about dementia, patient advocacy ,ageism ,and resources in the Fort Collins area. I didn’t ask for this learning experience, but I am living it and learning how to live one day at a time with bittersweet joy.

Hang on, it’s a bumpy ride!

3 thoughts on “Hang on, it’s a bumpy ride.

  1. Yeah! You have so much to say -am glad you are saying/writing it. Fort Collins needs your voice and I need your voice.


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